Why Thieving App then?

So you’re probably wonder why, if I had such a great career track, such rapid professional growth, and no reason to return to the lifestyle of snatching jewelry, would I work to develop this app knowing it will be used primarily by thieves?

It’s easy – I got a little bit of money, my tastes changed accordingly, and I found myself in massive debt. Not drug debt like in my younger years. But fancy shit debt. Society is much kinder to those of us in fancy shit debt, but it’s still not super easy to climb out of. So I figure, I’ll work this app, sell it for pretty low, it doesn’t even have to be good quality, and sell the data of the users back to google or whoever.

Privacy and confidentiality are not points of value for a former drug addict small time jewel thief now working in the fanciest job he’ll ever have on a steel production line.