Steel Jewelry Manufacturing?

Gold, silver, rose gold, etc. There are traditional metals used to make jewelry and they remain the most significant materials for jewelry-making simply because of the connotation of different metals. Gold, whether white, rose or yellow has a connotation of being expensive, fancy, bourgeois.  Silver has similar connotation but with a more sleek, modern sophisticated and understated vibe. Titanium, platinum, palladium, tungsten, etc. People have been making jewelry for centuries and have gotten more and more creative in their medium.

Steel is an underrated metal in a time when owning and displaying objects of lasting beauty holds cultural significance.  I’m going to convince you of this. In a time when mobile apps and technology rule our lives, we carry around cell phones made primarily of different new kinds of metals, and we continue to create jewelry – much of it serving dual purposes, steel has a bigger significance than ever before!

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