Manufacturing Steel on a Line from Above

My job on the steel line was slow but steady career growth until I eventually found my way to a production manager job. It was a lot less “hands on” and I was situated nowhere near the line anymore, but it was more money and I got to survey the line from on high. It was a little silly.

I mostly hired and fired employees, ordered supplies, looked at spreadsheets and worked on side jobs on company time. The modern professional landscape has yet to catch up to the speed and ability of most of the incoming workforce which I plan to use to my full advantage until all the dinosaurs retire and managers are in on the hoax.

This is where I began my app development research and managed to hire myself a secretary. The funny thing about hiring a secretary is this: I justified the position to management with fudged numbers and then she pretty much did my job for me while I did this shit. It’s terrible how young women are treated in the professional world but, again, until a change comes about I’m going to use it to my advantage.