Lawyering Up

It helps to have a good attorney, whatever kind of debt you’re in – but especially fancy shit debt. Poor people with debt get totally fucked. Fancy people with fancy debt get to pay an attorney to ensure that their THINGS and LIVELIHOOD and REPUTATION are protected. It’s abhorrent what society does to these different classes of people.


Now I’m not talking about do-good attorneys like the ones here, I’m talking about corporate, white collar, finance attorneys who manipulate the law, the legal system, and the disenfranchised to ensure that their clients have a high quality of life even while recovering from their own wrong-doings.


Think of white collar criminals who are given the luxury of turning themselves in as opposed to blue collar criminals who get their front doors kicked in. This is a small example of how the entirety of the United States legal system treats these people based on their….. well not their income level, their output level. Even if you’re not making money, if you’re spending it society will mostly cater to you.